ESlog - Frequently Asked Questions

Exporting from ESdat Desktop

What version of ESdat Desktop do I need?

You will need ESdat Desktop version 5.1.32 or higher.

How do I set up a new log layout?

The layout of each log is controlled in files with a "ESlog" extension. Some examples are included in the "Templates" subdirectory of where ESdat is installed.

Can I create a new layout?

The layout of the log can be changed in a text editor but requires some familiarity with javascript. If doing so you should copy the "ESlog" file into your own ESdat Templates directory. EScIS can assist with specific log layouts if the standard layouts are not suitable.

How do I change the logo that is shown on the log

The logo is a file called "ESlog_logo.png" in your Templates directory. It is applied to all logos for your logs. Alternatively a logo specific to a layout can be used by giving the png file the same name as the layout (ie eslog) file.

How do I set up graphics for each lithology or backfill?

The Graphic Code used for exporting Lithology or Backfill symbols is specified in the ESdat "zRef_Geology_Lithological_Codes" and "zRef_Backfill_Codes" tables, in the "ESlog_Graphic" column. The available Graphic Codes can be obtained by clicking on a graphic in ESlog, to bring up the "Select Graphic Pattern" selector.

How can I modify the data that is exported from ESdat to ESlog.

If opened the "ESlog" layout file in a text editor it has placeholders called "DataSource" and "HeaderInfo", which reference data exported from ESdat by a GEDT file called "ESdat_Logs.gedta" (Access version of ESdat) or "ESdat_Logs.gedts" (SQL Server version). These GEDT files are included in the the "Templates" subdirectory of where ESdat is installed.

Can I use a custom "gedt" file for just one log.

The standard "gedt" file that is shipped with ESdat should cover most data export requirements, however it can be edited (copy out of the install directory to your Templates directory) or a custom one can be used for each log. A custom one will have the same name as the matching "ESlog" file, but with a "gedts" or "gedta" extension.

Do I have to include waterstrike in the Material Description Column?

No, water strikes can be included in any text or graphic column, either combined with other data or by itself.

Manual Data Entry

How do I set up a new log with my own data?

  1. Pick a log layout that you like in the “Selected Log” menu and click “Copy”
  2. Enter a Name and choose “Clear Data”
  3. Press “New Series” button

Can I change the Logo and the Headings?

Yes, simply click on the Logo or the Heading to be changed and enter new values.

Can I use a different layout, for example change the data columns?

You can make any changes you like by clicking on a column and editing the "Layout" tab. No support is available to assist, unless you wish to engage EScIS to provide a layout for you.

Can I save the data I have entered

You can click Data - Save and save the data to your own systems, and re-upload it using Data - Open. Online saving of the data is unlikely to be available for the free version.